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      About Us

      Looking forward to building future with you and common development.

      GELAIMEI FURNITURE CO., LTD has been manufacturing original hotel furniture since 2002. We have 18?years of experience in hotel furniture production. Our factory building covers an area more than 100,000 square meters?(say 1075,268?ft2),?staffed with nearly 500 dedicated and talented employees. Our main products included?hotel bedroom furniture, restaurant table and chairs, lobby occasional table and sofa, entrance and bath room doors etc.

      We pride ourselves on our team of expert designers, technicians and carpenters collaborating directly with our clients all the way from the initial planning stages down to the installation of the final finishing touches. Working hand-in-hand with our customers means keeping costs in check and product delivery on schedule. Each item is carefully studied, tested and constructed with the strictest ?adherence??to the latest safety and environmental protection standards.


      Thanks to over? eighteen?years of experience, GELAIMEI FURNITURE?can provide for all your hotel needs, all of our furniture is manufactured to guarantee the utmost functionality and comfort.?Now we are pretty proud to be main provider of furniture solutions to many of the leading names across the Hotels and Hospitality sectors,?

      like Sheraton Hotel, Radisson Hotel etc.

      Explore this website to see some of the most important projects designed and produced by our team over the years: customized designs that reflect our creativity and expertise, made-to-measure to fit the most exacting functional and aesthetic needs of each individual client.GELAIMEI is ready to work together with all friends for a brilliant future of tourism?industry.Just?like:?GRAMMY?MUSIC?AWARDS,?AWARDS?GLOBALY .






      Square Meters



      Explore this website to see some of the most important projects designed and produced by our team over the years.

      Leave you a contact, we will contact you within 24 hours.